About Zibby

This story starts with a chicken and a giant bag of stuffing.
My boyfriend is really into chickens and I decided to crochet one for his birthday.  To my chagrin, I found myself purchasing yet another bag of fiberfill, knowing well my history of using just enough to stuff one small project and then eventually throwing the rest of it away.  Well, no more!  Waste troubles me and I vowed to use the entire bag (as well as my giant pile of unused yarn) no matter how long it took.
I ended up with a veritable zoo of amigurumi animals; everyone got one for their birthday, Christmas or just-because.  Through my desire to make every gift personal and loveable, I quickly moved away from pre-printed patterns and was blown away by the results.  With no finished picture in mind, my amigurumi began creating themselves with their own personalities emerging throughout the process.  Some ideas would take on many iterations before I was satisfied.  One of my favorite experiments was the herd of giraffes that evolved from Gerry (named for my grandmother) to Iggy (a going away gift for my friend Leo).  I started adding little extras – embroidery, tiny bouquets of flowers, top hats, whatever seemed to suit the little guys.  And then, I started to get requests.
Fast-forward to the present: I love doing custom work.  There is so much I don’t know and I am so inspired by others and their ideas.  A person who feels they don’t have a creative bone in their body can have tremendous vision, and being able to help bring that vision to life gives me a special kind of joy that I can’t find anywhere else.
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